Be the voice to inspire others to find theirs.

Are you ready to be a voice for a safe, healthy, globally-impacting lifestyle ?

dōTERRA®just announced this opportunity of a lifetime and you DO NOT want to miss out! The chance to qualify for a 1/200th share in a 2% pool of all US volume between $1 billion and $2 billion in annual net sales FOREVER just opened. But there are only 200 spots available. We will guide you through this journey. HURRY UP AND JOIN US!

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Be a light TO the World!

You may be asking yourself these questions: Can I truly trust dōTERRA? Are the products as pure as they claim? Will my health improve? Can I really make a living with doTERRA? Will there be any training? Will my voice matter and make a positive impact in the world?

YES! YES! AND YES! When you become a dōTERRA® Customer or a Wellness Advocate, you join over eight million people around the world that are striving to live a healthy lifestyle, who were all once in the same spot you are in today. We all say: dōTERRA® is more than just oils, it’s a chance to live a happier, healthier lifestyle, it’s a range of products you can trust and share, it’s a community of like-minded conscious individuals who are all spreading the message of hope and vitality.


When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Individually we are one drop. 

Together we are an ocean.

Now, more than ever, proper hygiene, healthy immune systems, close-knit communities, and strong leaders are needed in our unpredictable environment and economy. dōTERRA® is a stable, debt-free global company with the opportunity for advocates to reach out to people across the oceans. Whether you make dōTERRA® your sole source of income or a side profit, the residual-based compensation plan allows for a reliable retirement with limitless prosperity.

As more people are turning to natural health resources and wanting to live a toxin-free lifestyle, embracing dōTERRA® as a business will allow you to build a solid foundation while sharing your light in health, hope, and happiness. You’ll always have a team for advice, support, motivation, inspiration and guidance to keep you paddling the big ocean.

Book an initial consult and let’s see if together we can be a good fit for this amazing adventure.

are you an orphan?

If you signed up as a dōTERRA® member directly with the company, instead of through a Wellness Advocate then you are an orphan and can be "adopted" by a real team that can provide you proper leadership, training and support.

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Collectively conscious

When you join our team, you become part of a giving force, not only through the dōTERRA® Source-To-You and Healing Hands Foundations, but by connecting directly with other people around the world who are crying to heal.

With the planet being destroyed at an unprecedented rate, we are now poisoning not only nature, but ourselves as well. So many families are unsure who to trust, what products to rely on, how to support their immune system to fight the ever-growing environmental threats and toxins on the planet today.

Together, we stand to be a light, a glimmer of hope and the first introduction to an....

You're worth it

You will always attract what you believe you’re worth. Be worthy more than gold, be worthy of the purest essential oils.


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