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dōTERRA® is a personal development Company wrapped in essential oils. 


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My own journey with plant-based medicine began at a young age (see home page for story), and I have turned to plants, oils, and herbs to support my health and immunity throughout the years. My passion for natural medicine prompted me to open my own natural wellness clinic in Los Angeles, specializing in gut health, which I have successfully been running for 8 years now.

However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to dōTERRA® that things started to change immensely for me. Since using dōTERRA® products, not only have I seen remarkable differences in my own energy and health, but those of my family and clients’. In addition, becoming a Wellness Advocate (aka dōTERRA®'s term for distributor) increased my income and gave me new friendships, a community to belong to, a larger purpose and global connections. The extra pay has enabled me to travel extensively, have more free time, take new opportunities, and live the life I used to only dream of. It has also allowed me to bring smiles to faces in need (such as the UCLA staff during COVID19 pandemic...

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Driven by my passion and faith in the purity, reliability, and efficacy of dōTERRA® products, as well as the integrity and philanthropic effort of the company, my mission is to help revolutionize the way families manage their health through simple, safe, and empowering solutions.

I have successfully brought these oils to biodynamic stores, spas, wellness clinics, hospitals, and other health conscious businesses and people, who are ready to join a team-aspired community with one vision in mind:



Growing up in Canada, some of my fondest memories have always been walking through a forest, paddling on a lake, or working in my backyard garden. The great outdoors is a big part of the Canadian lifestyle.

Living in the city now, I don’t have my own soil garden, but here I am recently taking the opportunity to work in my parents. I love being in the fresh air, and always have an amazement and respect towards the symbiotic forces of nature. That’s why it’s important to me to...

dōTErra health clinics

dōTERRA has taken on a new healthcare initiative and opened up several integrative health clinics, called Prime Meridian Health Clinics™ in 2019, across the US, soon Canada and plans to expand further internationally. 
These clinics hold the vision of combining allopathic (regular physicians) and holistic care (naturopathic), with lower costs, shorter wait times, and improved health outcomes. This integrative approach will be based on the dōTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid, with an ongoing healthy habits message at its core. Essential oil-infused fresh air, and preventative and holistic answers to medical needs will be offered as part of the well-being first clinic environment. 

Imagine hospitals using essential oils (plants) as part of the treatment?! YES! Well, this amazing movement has started to happen. 

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you’ll attain everything you desire.

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