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I’m Karina, and I’m so excited that you came across my site. You might be curious to know a little about me. Well, I am a health professional (with a strong focus in gut dysbiosis and holistic weight-loss), biochemist by education, wellness clinic owner, documentary filmmaker, actress, long time plant-based lifestyle advocate, fun Auntie to two, and leo-virgo (aka sunny disposition and also organized)!

My journey using plant oils for health began as a little girl with my Polish grandmother, who always smelled of rose oil and kept a medicine bag full of many mysterious dark bottles with homemade plant solutions for every ailment. I remember her running hot water over chamomile flowers, dispersing their oils to soothe my skin before bedtime, dropping rosemary oil in my scalp for extra hair growth, and brewing peppermint leaf for...

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We care, educate, and provide only the purest, most potent essential oils and products on the planet. We are a personal development Company wrapped in essential oils.

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It is not silly to think that the world has magical powers for we are powerful creatures and nature's extraordinary forces have created us. It is for this reason that I often turn to plants for support, since nature, our source, knows best how to heal and recreate.

Did you know essential oils have been prized since the Egyptian days (yes Cleopatra used oils!) for beauty treatment, protection and healthcare practices?! Kings were buried with essential oils and their tombs were later found raided of the oils but the gold was left untouched.


       The first wealth is health.


Our CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®, essential oils are paving a revolutionary way families manage their health and wellness. Come be part of our global facebook community and meet other essential oil enthusiasts like yourself!

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